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The Ridge Wallet Review

the ridge wallet reviews minimalist wallet carbon fiber wallet

Tired of carrying a huge bulky wallet that takes up most of the pocket space in your jeans? We recently checked out the famous Ridge wallet that is famous for it’s minimalist and sleek design.

The Ridge wallet is a sleek minimalist wallet that is made up of durable materials destined to last you for a very long time. Currently, shoppers can choose between four versions: Aluminum, Titanium, Carbon fiber, and Damascus steel.

The ridge wallet shows minimalist signs of wear and tear even after several months of use, and other minimalist wallets have not been so durable in my use.

I like to read a lot of online reviews before purchasing any product, and so I searched for multiple ridge wallet reviews online before making the purchase. We tested out the carbon fiber wallet which claims to be the lightest wallet from the collection (the claim holds true).

Important Advice:The Ridge Wallet is the coolest wallet you can get with its marvellous design and high material quality, but it has been severely criticized for its price exceeding $75. Therefore, I would like to offer you the LionClaw Wallet which I use. Lion Claw Wallet which has the same design with Ridge wallet offers you a unique experience with its high material quality and super price. If you don’t want to pay $75 to The Ridge Wallet, I highly recommend you to use Lion Claw Wallet which I’ve been using for a long time.Buy Lion Claw Wallet: https://amzn.to/2Nw6RRQ

Best Ridge Wallet Alternative

I opted for the money clip instead of the cash strap and was satisfied with the convenience and easy insertion of bills. For people who keep a lot of bills on them, this might cause your wallet to become bulky, and it can become hard to manage all those bills.

The wallet can securely hold up to a reasonable amount of 12 cards; however, anything above 8 cards makes it harder to pull out the cards sleekly. How this works is that there is an indent at the bottom where you press your thumb out to fan the cards.

A great thing is the RFID blocking technology that is present in the wallet, which prevents hackers from trying to intercept your information. It’s an ingenious way to protect your credit card information if you have an RFID sensor chip in your card.

Overall, using the ridge wallet review and ridge wallet review has been a pleasant experience. This wallet is ideal for minimalists like me looking for small and simplistic storage spaces.

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